So, when I felt so relieved to declare that today would be a snow day, I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get in touch with this feeling in the middle of a busy work week?"  Or after I completed a stressful project?  Or just any time I felt like I needed some down time and didn't want to feel guilty?

I hereby give each one of you a snow day to use whenever you want. Maybe next time it snows.  Maybe next time you just don't feel like doing the chores that have piled up.  Maybe Tuesday, for no reason at all.

Make an appointment, skip work (at least for an hour or so) and come in, get on the table and let your worries melt away.  Soak in the warmth, close your eyes, and let someone else be responsible for whatever needs to be done today.  You deserve to treat yourself to a "snow day."  Do it!

You will be so glad you did!

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Snow Days...