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Summer is almost here! I know it's hard to believe with the snow and bitter cold still prevailing, but with springtime come aches and sprains from a more active lifestyle.

Many of us have been couch potatoes for much of the winter. We hibernate. We don't exercise like we want to. Then spring comes, we look at our bodies and decide it's time to get active again. We often overdo it.

For the record, I'm a Licensed MassageTherapist!  Yes, I actually went to school (and have had many subsequent classes) to learn bones, muscles and how the human body works and how to fix it when it isn't functioning at optimal levels.  So if you find yourself with aches and pains, strained muscles, or a muscle injury, that's the perfect time to come see me.

But you can also incorporate therapy PRIOR to exercise, to PREVENT injuries!

Massage prior to a workout can help prevent injuries and make the most of your training by keeping the muscles stretched and free from adhesions (muscle strands sticking together).

After a workout, run, or exercise class, massage can relieve soreness, repair the stress and strain you endured, and, well, it just feels damn good!

So if you are starting a new (or getting back into an old) exercise regime, don't sell yourself short.  If you are going to train hard don't forget to take care of your muscles after the training!

Come in and get the "Workout Special."  I do a combination of sports massage, deep tissue work, and some Traditional Thai Massage stretches.  It is a full body massage with emphasis on whatever body parts you've been working on. 

You will LOVE it!


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