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My Massage Studio has a wonderful walk-in shower room, so if you come straight from a workout, you are welcome to come early and shower before your massage.  Or if you're headed to a business appointment afterwards, get a massage, shower and dress for the meeting. (Just let me know ahead of time so I can adjust my schedule for you). I also have a deep soaking tub so if you have muscle strains, or just tight aching muscles, you can soak for 15 minutes to relax and loosen your muscles before I work on them. Ask about this when you book your appointment.

All massages are done by appointment only. Call, text or e-mail to schedule a time or

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Traditional Thai Massage

I have recently completed my course work at The Thai Institute in Arlington, VA as well as intensive follow up sessions  on Therapeutic Thai Massage in Asheville, NC.  I am now offering Traditional Thai Massage. This is unlike any other form of Western massage you are probably familiar with. Thai Massage is done on a soft mat on the floor. The practitioner (me) moves and stretches your muscles much like you would do on your own in a yoga class.  The purpose of Thai Massage is to clear Sen Lines (energy lines that run throughout your body, much like the Chinese Acupuncture Meridians or Shiatsu Lines) and to increase energy, stretch and soothe tired muscles, and revitalize the spirit.  A Thai Massage varies in time from 75 to 90 minutes. Please allow enough time when you schedule.

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Deep Tissue Massage

So many men who workout regularly are dedicated to their training, and vigilant about their diet, and yet they aren't nearly as committed to getting the body work that should be an equal part of their training. Massage of muscles, tendons, as well as stretching of the ligaments has been proven to be a powerful tool in maintaining physical health.  Deep Tissue Massage aids in relaxation, accelerates muscle repair and recovery (growth), stimulates circulation, rids the body of toxins (lactic acid) and enables you to pursue a  more aggressive workout schedule. Deep Tissue Massage allows the weight lifter to train harder with less chance of injury.

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Swedish Massage (Relaxing Massage)

Swedish Massage usually consists of long, fluid strokes and stimulates circulation of the blood and lymph fluids.  It breaks down adhesions (knots in the muscles) and increases range of motion.  Swedish Massage can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation,  remove tension, and bring about a general sense of well-being.  It is a wonderful way to unwind and hit the "restart" button.

Sports Massage

Sports massage for athletes is becoming the norm, with Massage Therapists working side by side with coaches and trainers.  Massage can enhance pre-event training and help with post-event recovery time.   Athletes are discovering that massage reduces fatigue, promotes flexibility, enhances endurance and helps prevent injuries. A deep, massage reduces stress, relieves inflammation, and lowers blood pressure. Massage is geared toward your specific activity, whether you are a runner, biker, wrestler, or weekend warrior.  Even if your sport of choice is channel surfing, I can help.    

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