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Wintertime Add-Ons

Baby, it's COLD outside!  I  keep my massage room nice and toasty for your comfort. Sometimes when you come in from the cold and damp, it's tough to get warmed up.  Consider some of these options:

I offer Hot Stones.  If you are a fan, ask.  I'll gladly use them on your larger muscles to get them warmed up before we start.  Sometimes, even if you DON'T ask, I put a couple small ones in my hands to warm them up so you don't jump off the table when I touch you.  If it is something you enjoy, mention it. I can incorporate them throughout the massage to keep you warm and relaxed.

I also have a shower. Most of you know this, but if you are coming in from working outside, or if you've just had a workout, you are welcome to use my shower to rinse off or warm up. Just give me a head's up when you make your appointment so I can be sure to allow enough time for you to shower without it taking away from your massage time.

And if you'd like, you can add on a hot soak before your massage. Again, you must schedule this in advance, but I'm happy to let you soak in a steamy hot tub, with essential oils of your choice and some Epsom Salts to relieve muscle aches and pains.  The price of the hot soak is just $15.

Men's preferences vary.  I keep the room warm enough for most clients but not so hot that I cannot work.  If you are cold, I have a heated table and I can always turn it up; if you are too hot, please let me know and I can adjust the table and room temperature to make sure you are comfortable.

And if there is anything else that could make your visit better, just ask. I am happy to accommodate you whenever I can.  This is your time. Let me know how I can make it the best hour of your week!