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I'm often asked "Do you give a discount for...?"  

​Usually I do. For the month of August I'm trying to be particularly creative and give a different group a discount each day of the week.  Just look at the list below, pick the group that you fall into (I guarantee you fall into at least one category) and schedule a massage on that day to claim your

20% off

Don't take yourself too seriously, be creative, and have fun.

Military Mondays - Discount for current military, or vets.

Tech Tuesdays - Show me any business card that indicates you have a "tech" job (can be computer technician, or technical engineer, or medical tech?  Hey- I'm easy) and claim your discount.

Construction Worker Wednesdays -  20% off for anyone in the construction trades!

Trainer Thursdays - Discount for anyone who does training--personal trainers, or training staff at work.

Fitness Fridays - Show me any gym membership for 20% off

CEO Saturdays - If you are the boss, of anyone, take 20% off 

Student Sundays - show me any student ID for 20% off.

Be creative. Don't take yourself too seriously.  I'm willing to be flexible about the 'rules" above.

​Then call for an appointment (302.236.0063) or