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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to prepare for a massage?

Good hygiene is much appreciated.  It's always nice for me to work on a clean body, free of cologne, deodorants, or other strong scents. We're in a small, enclosed room and the scents you bring in with you stay after you leave, so be respectful of the client following you. I have many men who work in construction, so if you come in from the job, you are always welcome to shower before you get on the table.

Come hydrated (drink water beforehand) and never consume alcohol before your appointment.

That's it.  Just relax and let me take care of everything else.

What if I have an injury, or pain or a joint that hurts to move it?

Let me know.  I can often do something to relieve the pain, or increase range of motion.  Sometimes it is best to leave it rest.  If you tell me what is going on, we can decide together how best to handle it. If it is something serious, you may want to consult your family doctor to see if massage is appropriate.

What happens if I become aroused during the massage?

Erections happen. Sometimes just because you are totally relaxed, sometimes because you are feeling stimulated by touch.  We're both adult men.  I've seen boners before.  There is never a need to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

More often men fall asleep on the table. We work hard, we play hard and when we get horizontal with someone kneading our muscles, we often fall asleep.  Some men worry they will snore. Not to worry. If I've relaxed you to the point that you are snoring, I know I'm doing my job well.  I take snoring as a compliment!

Which kind of massage is best for me?

Massage Therapists like to throw around a lot of fancy words involving our work.  My clients often ask what's the difference between Deep Tissue and Sports Massage? Or they wonder what a Swedish Massage is, or how Thai Massage is different. 

The words aren't so important. I am certified and trained in many types of massage, but it is rare that someone comes in and asks for me to do Cranio-Sacral work on them.  And yet, I do just that on nearly every client.  I have many different tools in my bag of tricks, so why not use as many as I can?  If you want a relaxing massage, tell me. If you are hurting and need therapy, let me know.  If you are tired and stiff in certain muscles, I can work on that as well.  Most often I do a combination of all these things, depending on what you tell me when you come in and what I'm feeling during the massage. If you want something special, just ask. Otherwise, don't worry so much about the words.  I'll feel what is going on with  your body and be able to figure out just the right technique to make it all better.