I sent out a survey asking my favorite clients to help me choose a day off this summer.  I asked which day(s) you are most likely to book an appointment, and which day(s) you are least likely to not want to come in.  I also asked what time of day you preferred. 

Well, unfortunately only about 15 of you responded out of 150.  My friends in market research have advised me that's not enough to give me an accurate assessment.  That was clear when I looked at the confusing results.

8 of you decided your preferred days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, while 7 of you said your least likely day to come was Tuesday.  Thus Tuesday got the most votes for best day and worst day.   Most of you said your least preferred days were Saturday and Sunday, but statistically, looking at my calendar for the past two months, Saturdays are almost always full for me.  So I guess the 135 people who DIDN'T respond disagree with those of you who did respond.

One thing you all seem to agree on is that you prefer to come in the morning. My appointment book confirms that, with nearly every day having my 10:30 appointment filled.


I've decided to rotate my day off during the summer.  I will be open every day of the week, but each week I'll decide on a day to take off, based on who is inviting me to the beach, or out to do something fun.  I'll just block that day off on my calendar early in the week and that will be my day off.  That means you can now start booking Sunday appointments again if you like.  I will be open most Sundays through the summer.

You can also book online with confidence.  If I decide on a day off, I will automatically block that off on my calendar and that will remove it from the "Book Online" list of available appointments.  

Thanks for participating.  I'm always open to your feedback. Just fill out the form below to tell me what you think.

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