Totally Amazing Massage!

Jeremy S.

I felt safe, nurtured, and very comfortable.

Steve R.

After a 90 min massage I felt like a marshmallow! Scott is fantastic,I can't recommend him highly enough! Thanks Scott

Rick L.

I love coming to Scott for all my aches and pains. I have problems with my sciatica and he never fails to help me with my ailment. I feel more relaxed when I leave and I sleep better for it!


What Clients Say About Us

Real Massage for real men

male masseur, y chromosome massage massage for men, massage for men in Milford, DE 

male masseur, y chromosome massage massage for men, massage for men in Milford, DE 

Why Y? Y Chromosome Massage in Milford Y Chromosome Massage real massage for real men  Y Chromosome Massage m2m  massage

Y Chromosome Massage

m2m massage

Because men have different needs than women do. Men want to be touched differently. We have totally different values. We're uncomfortable walking into a spa where women are having their toenails painted to ask about massage services. We want a space where we feel comfortable, not one where we are the "outsiders."

Y Chromosome Massage Real Massage For Real Men

Y Chromosome Massage M2M Massage

Y Chromosome Massage in Milford, DE

Y Chromosome Massage in Rehoboth Beach

I've built my business around taking care of men.  I enjoy working on men and they seem to enjoy the straight-forward approach I have to massage. No vanilla candles here. No perky receptionist asking if you want to add on a facial or foot scrub today. Just me asking you where it hurts, what is tight or stiff, what are your goals for this session? Then you get on the table and I make it all better.

But don't get the idea that this is a sterile, clinical visit. When you come to me, you get pampered, just not in the same way you do at one of those trendy salons for women. You get a full body massage, including scalp, face and feet. (I'm surprised how many men have never had a serious foot massage, and just how much they love it!) The room is comfortable, the table is heated, the lighting is soft and my hands are strong.  The massage is customized to suit you.  Don't want your face massaged? Just say so.  Want more time spent on your hamstrings?  I'm happy to accommodate.  This is your time. Have it the way you like it.

I believe I've set up an environment that is just how you want it. There is off-street parking in a safe, private setting.  I schedule one massage at a time, so you don't come into a reception area full of strangers and wait for your room to be available. When you arrive, it is already "your turn."

So do yourself a favor. Treat yourself.  Schedule your appointment today!